Reasons To Move To The Country


Hello Everyone!  I'm going to try to explain why someone would want to move to the country.  I love living the Rural Life and would never make a change.  I love the wide open space but yet still have neighbors close by.  We love our weekend bar-b-ques! (Had one on Saturday!) We are all very close too.  When someone is sick, out comes my soup pot for a steamy bowl of chicken and dumplings.  I am famous for them!  LOL

Okay,  There are many factors when choosing a rural location.

1.        Location, Location, Location


2.       Township.  Picking a town to be close to is very important.  I love knowing I’m not that far from my local Grocery store and of course Wal-Mart.  Even though I can a lot of my veggies, we still need things and having the comfort of a short drive is nice.  I live about 5 miles out, and love knowing town is just down the road.  Also picking a town with a great school is the best factor.  Many or most small towns have the best schools where you kids will make lifelong friends and get a great education with less crowding than bigger schools have.  More one on one with teachers is a great plus!

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3.       What are you going to be doing on your farm or ranch?  Some raise poultry, cattle, horses, swine, rabbits, goats, sheep, lamas, and tons of other livestock.  Some just want to have fresh eggs daily and fresh meat for the freezer.  Some want a large garden to feed their families from.  I have personally raised quail, poultry, Rhea's, Emu's, rabbits, and a large garden.  We also have peach trees, grapefruit trees, orange trees, tangerine and lemon trees too.  Normally a fruit tree will start producing the second year. (small yields though)  Over the years you will be giving fruit away so it won’t go bad.  I also drive the back roads looking for Dew Berries and Wild Mustang Grapes. (makes great jelly)


4.       Depending on what you want to do will depend on how much land you will need.  We have about 6 acres and it's big enough for everything we do.  Cattle and larger livestock needs more acreage unless you want to do a ton of feeding.  Most only need a simple fence, but GOATS are a whole other story!  I have tried goats and personally they are not for me!  They destroy everything in sight.  They are wonderful animals but they take a strong fence and nothing in it that you don’t want destroyed. (like fruit trees or any trees)



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5.       You might even want to start a business.  Farm fresh eggs are expensive and bring in a good income.  You can even sell the fertilizer for gardens too.  Plus you will never be short on eggs yourself.  In the spring you can allow some of your hens to set a clutch of eggs and hatch them.  You can raise these up for freezer meat.  You can start a farmers market by raising fresh vegetables.   There is a couple near me that plants cucumber, potatoes, tomatoes, and corn and they sell to the public.  They do pretty good too.  They do a fall and spring garden.  This is their sole income.  They have about 25 acres. 

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Well this will give you something to think about!  There are so many reasons to live on a farm that I could go on and on.  Living a rural life is to me is a de-stressor in many ways!  In the evenings we gather on the front porch and just kick back and relax while dinner is cooking.  A cold beverage of your choice is always great too!

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Posted by Molly on 4/6/2016 2:21:12 PM
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