Country nights filled with stars

Have you ever taken the time to just look?  Look at the stars at night.  I have, and the beauty is unmistakably breath taking!  You see I live about 5 miles outside of town in the country here in Texas.  From where I live you can see thousands of stars if you just make the time to stop and look at them. If you live in town, take a country drive some night and see the beauty for yourself.


As kids growing up we played outside in the summer until way after nine some nights, and came in, bathed, and went to sleep.  We slept soundly because we were tired and ready to charge up for the next day.  We played hard, and lived life to the fullest.  Children today to not play hard.  They play video games that challenge their minds, but not their bodies and souls.  A body needs to be used in order to develop.  Our parents were not afraid to let us get dirty.  An old town country doctor once told my mother that dirt was a good thing.  Full of minerals.  Said the body needed to build imunities to fight off infection.  Said "let them kids get dirty.  Water and soap will clean them"!


Weekends meant getting out as a family.  My parents hardly ever and I say ever went anywhere us kids couldn't go.  We gathered with other kids and played outside where ever we were.  The stars were thick and bright, and if you had a full moon, well the night was prefect.  We played hide n seek, we played catch me if you can.  When we were exhausted we laid in the grass and stared at the stars and tried to find the big and little dipper.  I was pretty good at that one!  And if by chance the Gods were aligned you would see a shooting star.  Everyone would make a wish and then wait for it to happen. 


I'm older now but I can say I raised my son the same way.  We sat outside at night and visited with the neighbors.  If someone drove by and saw us sitting outside they would stop and visit too.  You see in the country, you don't need an invitation to stop and visit. Sometimes we would play cards or dominoes or just sit and talk.  Sometimes we would make plans to do a cookout on the lake or river for the upcoming weekend.  Or take the kids fishing or hunting the next day.  All while staring at the night sky and being amazed at how incredible it looked. 


Some nights you could see lighting in the sky and hear the distant thunder.  Early Greeks believed that lightning was a weapon of Zeus and that thunderbolts were invented by Athena, goddess of wisdom.  Either way, these nights were special because there was a charge of excitement in the air.  My son used to crawl in my lap as a toddler and enjoy the light show with me.  Those are memories I will cherish for a lifetime. 

Friends, get them kids outside.  Let them get dirty. Help them to see the beauty in the sky and in nature.  Teach them to respect one another and help each other in times of need.  Everyone is going through something.  Being there is important.  Even if it just means sitting on the porch and sharing the stars at night.


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Posted by Molly on 8/5/2016 11:56:50 PM

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