Spring Time On The Farm

Living on a farm is always interesting to say the least. Late night walk trough's to make sure animals are safe and sound. Double checking new arrivals to make sure bonding has taken effect. These things are necessary when living the farm life. There is always plenty of work to be done.

Early mornings are busy checking livestock for food and water. Cleaning messes where messes were made. Fixing pens that might allow a predator to get in and do its damage. And of course always doing the snake run.

Pop's got a big ol' chicken snake


You see we have an exotic game bird farm and snakes love baby birds. They can suck down a small adult bird as well, and they are always trying to get their fill of eggs that could have been a hatching.

They will eat your profits up fast!


If you are not doing the snake walk through, you are watching for other predators like Raccoons, opossum's, and the ever sneaky owl.

I made a terrible mistake of not locking up my best laying chicken hens about 5 weeks ago and owls got them all in one night. That's pretty much 4-5 eggs per day I lost, and with the price of eggs at the store that can add up fast! (Roughly 27-35 eggs weekly)

Okay! Back to spring time on the farm. (I tend to ramble at times)

Farm animals and farm work is a love that never stops. We plant the garden and work the soils with fertilizer produced by the chickens. Then we let good ol' Mother Nature do her magic. Beans are starting to sprout, carrots are already up and squash is looking awesome! I even planted two varieties of water melons this year. Not sure how that will pan out.

We have two incubators full of fertile eggs and several brooders with babies growing stronger every day. It's a good feeling to see the wonders of life!

I'll post more as things progress, I promise!

Well it's time to go watch some T-Ball! I don't know what's more fun, watching the kids or parents and grandparents!

Until next time, go get yourself a tall glass of ice cold tea and go sit on the porch and watch the lighting bugs. It's a great way to relax and de-stress after a long hard day of work! Night y'all

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Posted by D'Ann on 4/3/2016 3:27:12 PM

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Lorry Nell

Thank for this informative news! We are not , yey, on our own property, but would like to be!!! This site has been quite educational for us, so , please keep up the great work!!! Love your gardening tips, also!

posted on 4/5/2016 1:20:52 PM

Lorry Nell

Thanks for all the egg/farm info. How often do you need to do a, "snake check?" I hate the idea of them eating up our profits!!!!

posted on 4/7/2016 2:14:56 PM


Lorry Nell, we do a snake walk about 6-8 times a day. Thanks for checking out my blog!

posted on 4/7/2016 3:16:14 PM


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Lorry Nell

Thank for this informative news! We are not , yey, on our own property, but would like to be!!! This site has been quite educational for us, so , please keep up the great work!!! Love your gardening tips, also!

posted on 4/5/2016 1:20:52 PM


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